How To Choose The Right Pillow For Your Body Type

Choosing the right pillow for your body type is one of the key factors that can secure a good night rest. While this isn’t exactly rocket science, you may want to know what to look for in a good pillow, so that you can get the best one right off the bat. This article shows you how to find your dream pillow.

First of all, you have to consider your favorite sleeping position, as that’s also going to influence the type of pillow you should choose. Back sleepers have different needs than side or belly sleepers, so they have to choose the type of pillow that accommodates their body in a comfortable and healthy manner. This means that you have to take a closer look into the different types of pillows, in order to gain a better understanding of how these shapes and sizes influence their body.

Once you are clear about the link between the sleeping position and the best pillow, you should also consider your body type. If you are a massive individual, you may be better off with a firm pillow rather than a soft one. A firm pillow will offer you good support for your head and for your neck. If, on the contrary, you’re rather slim or petite, you may want a softer pillow that will follow the natural curves of your body, enabling you to maintain a restful and healthy posture throughout the whole night. A small size individual may feel more comfortable with a flat and small pillow, rather than a huge, bulky one, that would force your neck into a painfully weird and abnormal posture.

If you have health issues, you may want to choose a pillow that contributes to alleviating your pain and your discomfort. Wedge pillows, for instance, are perfect for some of the GERD sufferers, as they help them enjoy a good night sleep without having to fear that gastric acid is going to bother them, waking them up and preventing them from falling asleep again. In case you sweat a lot, you may want to choose a pillow with a thick, removable case that would absorb your sweat. These cases are much easier to wash than pillows, so you should keep this in mind for your future purchases.

If time allows, the best way to find the right pillow for your body type is to go ahead and try them all. Choose one of the biggest furniture and home accessories store in your neighborhood and spend some time trying all their pillows. This shouldn’t be too hard to do, as most stores showcase their products in home-like settings. All beds in these showrooms are properly fitted for sleep. While you won’t be able to take a nap in the store, you’ll surely have the opportunity to test those different types of pillows, in order to see how comfortable you’d feel sleeping on them. By the end of your visit, you’ll hopefully know what kind of pillow to buy.

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