Can you fire your personal injury attorney?

You were injured in an accident and needed a personal lawyer. Perhaps you were referred to a lawyer by a friend, or you found a local lawyer on the Internet, or maybe your doctor referred you to a lawyer. No matter how you found your lawyer, it’s possible that the relationship is not appropriate. Can you fire your personal injury attorney? 

There can be many reasons why you are not happy with your lawyer. Maybe your lawyer is not returning your phone calls. When calling the office, you only talk to the secretary or get voicemail. You never talk to the same person twice. When you finally get a lawyer on the line, he doesn’t know your case. You have no idea what’s going on with your case. Does anything sound familiar?

You have the right to change lawyers at any time

If you are unhappy with your injury lawyer, you have the absolute right to dismiss your lawyer at any time. Whether it’s the day after employment, a year later or the day before the trial, you can fire your lawyer.

Steps to free a lawyer from personal injury 

When you decide to cause personal injury, you must take steps to minimize potential conflicts. 

First review the legal services agreement. Determine if the contract includes a provision discussing the procedure for terminating the proxy-client relationship. If there is a reasonable, recommended procedure, try to follow it. 

Secondly, hire a new injury injury lawyer. You should only hire a new lawyer if you are sure that you will fire your current lawyer. By hiring a new lawyer before you dismiss the current lawyer, you won’t have to deal with any legal issues by yourself when trying to find a new lawyer. 

Can you fire your personal injury attorney?

Third, write a formal letter (preferably registered mail) to your Personal Injury attorney, explaining that you are terminating the client-attorney relationship. This letter should be concise and should clearly state that the letter constitutes the end of the relationship. In the letter, ask your lawyer to provide all your case files to you or to a new lawyer. Provide the contact details of the new lawyer, including address, fax number and email address. If there were any advances, ask for a refund of the remaining balance of the advance. Remember that if you have paid a non-refundable lawyer, you probably won’t be entitled to any amount of this payment.  

Fourthly, if your case is pending before a court, you must notify the court about your withdrawal or replacement. This step should be done simultaneously or immediately after notifying your current representative in writing that you are terminating the lawyer-client relationship. In most cases, your old lawyer will submit a “withdrawal request” because your legal advisor or new lawyer will submit a “request to change attorney.”

If you have lost confidence in your lawyer, you should get a second legal opinion and seriously consider changing lawyers. Your injury case is your only goal to get full compensation for your injury. Once you’ve settled your case, you can never go back and get more money. It is important for your lawyer to trust your case and be ready to go to war to get the money you are entitled to.



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