King Oliver - Off The Record: The Complete 1923 Jazz Band Recordings

King Oliver - ArcheophoneIn November of 2006, sound engineer Doug Benson and trombonist- historian Dave Sager, issued what is considered to be the definitive release of the 1923 Joe "King" Oliver Band. These historic recordings featured a spectacular lineup - Oliver on cornet, his protegé Louis Armstrong, second cornet, Baby Dodds, drums, Johnny Dodds, clarinet, Lil Hardin (later Armstrong's wife), on piano, Honore Dutrey on trombone, and Bill Johnson, bass and banjo. Recordings made by this group in 1923 demonstrated the serious artistry of the New Orleans style of collective improvisation or Dixieland music to a wider audience. I asked good friend and well known traditional jazz, multi-instrumentalist John Gill for some brief impressions. John writes -"I finally heard the new Complete King Oliver set on Archeophone, and I love it. This is the best I've ever heard this material. The pitch is right on, and the individual horns stand out nicely. I love the way I can hear the great trombone work of Honore Dutrey, one of the great trombonists in jazz history. Great to hear Charlie Jackson's bass sax too! I even found a chord change that I had missed for all these years on "Alligator Hop", what a treat!. Excellent photos, and text compliment this historically significant re-issue of what are to me the most important jazz recordings of all time." - John Gill

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