John Gill is a special guest on Time After Island Time

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="351" caption="John Gill"]John Gill[/caption] John Gill is a special guest on Time After Island Time A series welcoming musicians from the Woody Allen & Eddy Davis New Orleans Jazz Band Produced by Paul Leslie and Jeff Pike

Introducing John Gill, drummer with the Eddy Davis & Woody Allen New Orleans Jazz Band!  John Gill is one of those people who is a complete music lover.  Growing up in New York City, John Gill's eclectic musical tastes ranged from country singers like Gene Autry to greats like Liberace.  Music has brought him to live and perform in many different parts of America, from San Francisco to New Orleans where has has played everywhere from the French Quarter's Bourbon Street bars all the way to the famed Preservation Hall.  John Gill's interest in jazz is in the traditional form, and his playing and grasp of the New Orleans style earned him a spot in the Woody Allen and Eddy Davis New Orleans Jazz Band, with which he performs every Monday evening at the Carlyle in New York City.

In addition to drums, Gill plays trombone, banjo, and guitar.  His love of music runs deep and with several groups (including The Jazz Kings, the Yerba Buena Stompers, the Delta Stompers) he has recorded and preserved older styles of jazz that is sadly becoming more and more rare.  We invite you to hear his interview, and some of the most incomparable music around! Tune into Time After Island Time from anywhere in the world on Radio JimmyDreamz via

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