The BUNK PROJECT - New Orleans Jazz Revisisted....

I get lots of email from folks asking about the origins of The Bunk Project and it's availability.

The good news is that you can still get a copy even though it has been out of print for a few years.

The Bunk Project was a rehearsal band put together in 1989 by Eddy Davis. He brough together what was then some of New Yorks finest traditional jazz musicians for informal "recorded" rehearsal sessions. The intent was to capture a more "authentic" sound and flavor of the true New Orleans style (in contrast to the Eddie Condon-ish sound that was taking place on Monday nights at Michael's Pub).

Out of those recorded rehearsals spawned the Bunk Project CD and ultimately the Wild Man Blues tour in Feb/March of 1996 (documented in another Tom Sancton article for Time Magazine).

After the tour, the "Wild Man Blues" Band began the regular Monday night stint and has been playing at The Carlyle for almost a decade. - see schedule.

We have some gently USED copies of The Bunk Project which are available through our shopping page. Definitely a collectors item!

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